The orbits of the moons and planets form a fractal 4-dimensional helix in spacetime.

This, this is what is most beautiful to me. The universe is ever changing, ever growing. This path you see here is far too simple, it doesn’t account for how we tumble and ricochet about the stars. Stars are pulled by other stars, galaxies are pulled by other galaxies, they do not sit still, they are painting an indescribable path of motion across existence. We could never fully comprehend it unless we could be on the outside, and then where would we be? Where is our macrocosmos? Is it just a cell to an impossibly greater body? Where was I ten seconds ago? I have absolutely no idea and I am in awe.


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Books & Cupcakes June Book Photo Challenge

Day Twenty One: Library/Bookstore

The King’s English. It’s the best little independent bookstore in Salt Lake City. It’s the reason I get the chance to meet so many incredible authors.

It used to be an old house. There are tiny rooms stashed with books, tons of little nooks and corners and the friendliest staff. The roses in front of their newsletter? They were trimming a rose bush outside and put them in the vase while I was there.

One of my favorite spots in the store is the Mystery room. It’s where the authors sign. It just always looks so cozy and inviting. <3


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"Relaxed Zebra" by Chris Hitchcock:


"Relaxed Zebra" by Chris Hitchcock:

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